Turn Your Carport into a Garage

Published: 11th September 2009
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Your vehicles are one of the biggest investments you have made. As an owner, you have to do everything to preserve them. This would include providing shelter, maintenance and protection from all destructive elements.

Weather is one of the culprits in vehicle degradation. Vehicles left in open spaces are prone to extreme conditions and may easily loose its aesthetic value. The harmful rays of the sun can remove the luster from the paint in prolonged exposures. Hailstorms may cause scratch your cars or even destroy your windshields.

As a result, many people opt to use carports to protect their vehicles from these conditions. They resort to this, as it is the most affordable option in housing vehicles. Aside from that, they are easy to set-up. If your cars are parked on open spaces, all you have to do is buy a freestanding carport shield them from being directly exposed.

However, the satisfaction of protection is far more different when you use garage. Even though carports are affordable, it still could not surpass the benefits that a garage can give. Moreover, if you are a car fanatic, you know exactly what vehicles needs for their preservation. Having a garage is one thing you should have.

Benefits of a garage

Owning a garage has its own rewards. Although they cost more, but they can definitely serve you well in protecting your vehicles. Remember, it has enclosures. Therefore, nothing could penetrate through it, unless if it is built with low-quality materials. So even if it is burning hot outside, you are guaranteed of preserving its looks and luster just by storing it in the garage.

Another thing is that garage can secure your vehicles. Since this is a closed structure, you can always lock your priceless vehicles inside it. You can leave your home and come back with your vehicles looking the same. Storing them inside protects them from vandals and car thieves.

Owning a garage increases your home value. A well-built and properly designed garage can extend the living space in your rooms. Aside from protecting your cars, they can also function as a room for dirty jobs: laundry, fix-ups, carpentry and many others.

Converting carports to garage

If you want to give your vehicles full protection, you may consider converting carports into garages. Before doing this, you have to do the following things:

1. Learn more about building codes and your HOA covenants and restrictions. Doing this ensures the construction is appropriate. You must also check for any permits needed in construction.
2. Your carports have slabs, roofing and other structures for foundation. Before converting, it is necessary to have them checked for any signs of wear and tear. Doing this assures you of a quality garage that can last for a long-time. Aside from that, it can naturally increase the value of your home.
3. Check the size of your carport. You have to make sure the height is enough for building the doors. The space should also be enough to store your vehicles and can give room for other household activities.

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