Tips on How to Forestall Foreclosure

Published: 02nd October 2009
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When you are having a hard time paying off your mortgage, you must think the only way to get out of it is to undergo foreclosure. One thing you should know, you can always get out of debt without undergoing such process. In fact, there are several ways to forestall it.

If you will ask why you need to go through all the trouble, the answer is simple. Foreclosure has tons of drawbacks. You will not just put hassle to yourself but also your lenders. Not to mention it has a great impact to your credit that will hold you back financially for the next 5 years.

Besides, you would probably want to keep your homes too. So why just allow foreclosure proceedings to push through when in fact you can always do something about it. All it takes is a simple communication between lenders and lawyers that way they can provide you the possible options to take.

Here are some ways to put up a good fight for your homes. These are the best options to forestall foreclosure:

1. You can talk to your lenders and ask forbearance. In here, you will be working out an agreement with your lenders. This will include a promise to pay the balance of the loan in a particular time. This can be the ideal solution if you are certain that there will be money coming your way.

2. You can sell your homes through short sale. Lenders will only accept your short sale offers if you are undergoing hardships. Hardships are usually defined and you should meet their definition of hardship before thinking of undergoing this kind of sale. If it is accepted this means your lenders will agree to forgive your debt even if the proceeds of the sale is less than your outstanding debt. However, allowable loss is subject for agreement.

3. You can also offer a deed-in-lieu for foreclosure. All you have to do is to offer this option voluntarily to your lenders. In here, ownership of the collateral will be given back to the lender in exchange for the extinguishment of debt. The only problem is if the proceeds of the sale are not enough to cover your loan, your lenders may have the right to deficiency judgment.

4. You can also choose to refinance your mortgage. When you refinance, you will be adopting a new terms and conditions for your loan. This could also mean lower monthly payments, new interest rates and even secure you financially. You can even consolidate your debts when you refinance to lower interest rates. Although this is not the most ideal option, but you can think about this as it can also pave for great savings.

5. You can file for bankruptcy when everything seems hopeless. But you have to be careful with this option because foreclosure proceedings may still pursue. The best way to determine if bankruptcy is a good option can be done simply by consulting your lawyers. They can give show you all angles of filing for bankruptcy and tell you the chances of keeping your home.

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