Over 55 Communities: Benefits for the Old Age

Published: 30th November 2009
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There are growing number of housing facilities in United States. They are built with purpose and they could cater to the needs of a specific group. An example of which are golf-communities for the avid fans of golf. There is also equestrian properties for those who love riding horses and competes professionally on that sport. Anyone can be part of this community, even those of old age.

Although the said communities provide great benefits for old people, but it can never be compared to a community, which is built especially for them. One of the best places for old people to stay is over 55 communities.

Over 55 Communities: Overview

Have you heard of master planned communities? If you have, this is one of those. The only difference is over 55 communities is built primarily for those retirees ages 55 and up.

This community is governed by rules and regulations, as well as restrictions. Part of the regulation would be that homeowners in that community should only be of 55 ages and up. Others occupants could only live in a certain amount of time. A housing facility can exclude other family from being residents if 80% of the units are occupied by people 55 years of age and up and if they have policies and procedures that exhibits intention to cater primarily for the said age limits.

Benefits for the Oldies

How do old people benefit from this community? For one, there is a sense of belongingness. They get to meet people of the same age bracket and do certain activities with them. This could be very beneficial for those old people who have been single for the rest of their lives or perhaps those who have been widowed. They can never be alone because they can get together with other old people and they could take care of each other (watch each other's back or something like that).

The facilities are also great. It usually has everything to promote an active and healthy lifestyle for old people. Everything that you see within the community works to get these people stay in shape at all times. They have places for playing sports like tennis, golf, basketballs and other common sports that old people can play. On the other hand, they also have recreational facilities to help them unwind and relieve themselves of the stresses in life.

Everything around them is made for the convenience of old people. Everybody knows how much assistance he or she need in whatever that needs to be done. However, in this type of communities, their burdens are lessened to give them more time to enjoy their lives. Homes are built in the most safest and livable condition. They are structured for ease of management and comfort.

Lastly, recreational centers, business centers and other places for trade are made accessible. They can even walk just to get into these facilities. Moreover, the surroundings are beautiful. The scenic views makes going outdoors worth it.

Even if they walk at night, the place is very safe. This is a gated-community with security personnel roving 24/7 to watch over like angels.

What else could you want for your grandmas and grandpas or mothers and fathers? This is the best place where they can be at. They will have all the activities and people they need to keep them happy, secured and healthy all the time.

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