Fire Precautions for Prevention

Published: 12th January 2010
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Every home is prone to fire accidents. It's not because of how it is built or what kind of materials it was made of. It is about living in a home where most of the elements of fire exist. Flame, oxygen and combustible materials are all what it takes to start a crazy fire. And these three things are very vital for human living. If one these gets out of hand, the lives of the person living in that home can be endangered and all of your handwork can go down the drain easily. Hence, every homeowner shouldn't take chances. In managing a home, fire precaution should also be practiced.

Are you interested to know the different precautions? Below are some of them:

1. Install fire alarms in various rooms of your house. Buy those who have dual power source (one that can be operated with battery when your main power gets cut off). If you have them already, make sure they are always in working condition. Change the batteries from time to time that way they will always function just as when you expect them to.

2. Install fire extinguishers at home. You can buy the portable ones. Make sure they are also multi-rated so that you can fight fire safely.

3. Use electrical devices with caution. Even if the manufacturer claims it is the safest device, you still have to be careful about it. One tip is to shut off the device when no one is using it. Another one is to avoid plugging too much appliance in one socket. You should avoid doing this when using extension wires.

If you happen to own portable heaters, keep them away from the wall. Any electronic devices should be used with precaution especially when used near with sinks. Hence, it is smart not to put sockets near faucets or sinks or even tubs. And lastly, electrical cords that are fried should be changed before using. Do not even attempt to continue using a device if you have seen sparks coming out from it or if it emits a burnt smell.

4. Never leave the kitchen when cooking. If you must (at times when you have to answer the phone), make sure you set the gas range to low heat. Should you use grillers, keep them away from branches or dried leaves.

Do not hang potholders, cloth or aprons near the burner. You should also avoid wearing loose clothes to avoid catching flames.

5. Watch your kids and keep away lighters and matches from their reach. If someone wants to smoke, advise him or her to do it outdoors and put out the cigar using the ashtray. Do not allow them to throw the cigarette anywhere as the smoldering fire could also start up flames.

Fire safety is not difficult to achieve. You can save your family from a devastating event, as simple as observing these 5 precautions. Try it on you home and greatly reduce the probability of fire from happening.

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