Different Building Materials for Different Climates

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Published: 12th January 2011
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Some people want to have their homes built instead of buying re-sell types. Though this may be more expensive and a longer project to sustain, it is still the best option if you want to have a more personalized home. This way you can reflect much of you than spending some time trying to alter traces of the previous homeowner’s idea of a home.

As you pursue to stand your dream house, you may encounter several considerations. One of the things that you should heavily think about is the materials that you have to use.

There are various materials that can be used in building a home. Each type has various purposes and effect. However, in choosing the materials to be used, you do not only consider its effects to your design; rather, you should also choose them according to your home's climate and location. This is the way to making green homes. You want to use materials that help you create a more efficient house.

In general, there is no such thing as appropriate and inappropriate in choosing the materials. You can use almost everything just as you are able to make it work. But on the other hand, there could only be such if you want to consider functionality. Different materials have different effects to functionality and comfort.

However, some people choose materials in consideration to climate conditions.

In this case, homeowners would normally choose those that make their homes greener. With this in mind, building materials selected will have good insulating capacity.

Without a doubt this kind of feature is most important whether you residing in a cold or hot regions. And do believe there are plenty of materials to choose from. Stone and cement are the most popular options in this department. You can use them as binding material, in case you want to make use of wood products. It makes it more durable.

But you must know that insulation can be improved. If you have other materials that you want to use, you can always find remedies to add insulation to your homes. There are tons of insulation materials that you could use to fill your attics, basements, walls and other parts of the house to prevent heat absorption of cool air escape from your home. Doing this can help you make a greener home. However if you are live in tropical areas, you may want to find materials that won't retain moisture. You want something that allows proper ventilation. Tropical countries usually have humid temperature. Homes without air-conditioning must have a home that could breathe in and out humid air; hence, avoiding problems like molds.

Materials that are popularly used in these regions are the following:

1. Wood- This material is really flexible. There is different quality of wood that you can use. How you use them in your design would make a good home built for warmer regions.

2. Clay- This material is usually paired with mud in constructing houses. It is acclaimed in warmer regions for its ability to keep interiors cooler despite of the hot condition.

There are other materials that you can use for your home like glass. The only downside is that it doesn’t have much insulation properties. However, this material has great aesthetic effects to your homes and is an excellent material for making windows and doors. However, your window and door design has a lot to do with making your homes more energy-efficient.

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