Building an Enclosed Patios- Your Choices

Published: 02nd June 2010
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Do you feel that you have not used your outdoor space to its fullest potential? Do you want to be able to enjoy more of that space but you just do not know what to make out of it? Well, here's an idea. Try to convert it into a patio. But do not just make it into an ordinary patio, go for an enclosed patio.

Enclosed patios are one of the many options you can take to be able to add a living space in your home. What is good about it is that this structure was originally for you to be able to view your backyard properly while you seat back and relax or have a conversation with someone. Aside from that, you can simply conduct parties and other types of gatherings in it.

Enclosed patios come in different types. So if you are planning to build one, here are your choices:

1. Sunroom: This is otherwise known as solarium. Typically it is built on the side of your house with materials made of brick, wood, concrete and blocks (otherwise known as breeze block) or even glass. This kind of patio is normally structured to allow more sun or daylight to enter in the room. Some now have used insulated glass to be able to address the temperature problem of a typical sunroom. Before enclosed sunroom are prone to extreme temperatures. But because of this design, some are even able to integrate the use of HVAC and create better designs than before.

2. Screened Patios: This kind of patio is a great way to enjoy any traditional patio mines the existence of dirt and the annoying insects. You can still have barbecues outside the structure but you get a chance to enjoy your food without dust and other kinds of creatures landing on it. It is simple to make and a lot cheaper than sunrooms. The simplest screened patio you can make is done when you put a roof on it and put frames and screens to build the wall.

3. Portable patios: Believe it or not, you can make portable patios out of canopies. If you haven't seen one, they are basically like big tents. They are made of canvas and usually they are open. However, nettings are now used to enclose them. Hence, this is the perfect item to use as a temporary patio. You have the option to screw them to your homes or you can situate this patio anywhere in your backyard.

You can also turn your existing patio into enclosed patio. You can follow the concept of these three structures. To be able to make a choice whichever is the best, you can need to address certain questions like: how urgent do you need the structure or do you want to be able to use this no matter what time of the year; what is your budget and what design do you want. Things like this are very important in determining which enclosed patio is best for you.

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